“Our community is our family, and our family deserves the best.”

At Red Rock Gelato Shoppe, we serve authentic Italian-style gelato made from scratch in our West Sedona location.

All-Natural Premium Ingredients

Unlike some ice cream and gelato shops, we don't simply add milk or water to a pre-made base. Every one of our 20+ flavors is handcrafted in small batches using time-honored, traditional Italian recipes. Our Master Gelato Chefs use only premium-quality, all-natural ingredients, either sourced locally or imported from Italy. The result is a fuller, richer flavor that melts in your mouth!

Italian Favorites and Vegan-Friendly Choices

Along with traditional Italian classics like Stracciatella, Tiramisù and Pistacchio, we feature a minimum of six non-dairy flavors daily: luscious, creamy Sorbettos like Strawberry, Prickly Pear and Chocolate, as well as several vegan-friendly gelatos, such as chocolate peanut butter and Coconut Stracciatella. All flavors are egg free and gluten free (except our cookie and graham flavors).

Our Master Gelato Chef finds flavor inspiration everywhere, so you can look forward to a rotation of creative new flavors influenced by fresh, seasonal ingredients and the time of year. Stop in often to see what’s new!



At Red Rock Gelato, every flavor of our artisan gelato and vegan-friendly sorbetto is made from scratch in small
batches using premium, natural imported or locally sourced ingredients for maximum freshness.